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Fallout at Thunder Junction Aftermath

As some, who frequent our little café of nerds geeks and all in-between will know, we held a Magic The Gathering (MTG for short) tournament primarily focusing on the two newest release's.

Universe beyond: fallout and Outlaws at thunder junction, where the raiders from the waste land and Outlaws of the junction clash to see who is superior. oh and a memnarch was there.

Anyway moving on to the tournament its self as I'm sure all who participated will agree that it was a success, with every round being a nail biter of who would win or lose, all participants played incredibly well but there can only be one winner, but were going to to look to the rest of the podium first.

In third place we have our resident wargame and general hobbyist community leader Mike using Dog meat as his commander, using cards to buff his power and attack other players directly.

In second we have the new comer Aaron using a Caesar as his commander who is made to attack everything in its path to victory.

Finally our winner, the esteemed community leader for magic the gathering Charlie using his commander DR Madison li, building up energy tokens to spend and use to their advantage.

Thank you for taking the time to read, expect regular updates about the goings on at café, until next time nerds geeks and all in-between

Webmaster Olie

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